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Painting in Watercolor in the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico with Evelyn Dunphy

April 14 – 19th, 2013

Final Registration Date: February 15, 2013

Watercolor in the Land of Enchantment - New Mexico

Plein air & Studio Workshop

Workshop Fee: $650.00 (does not include lodging, airfare, transportation to and from the airport)

Please send $400.00 deposit upon registration to Evelyn Dunphy, 596 Fosters Point Road, West Bath, ME 04530.

 Balance due: February 15, 2013

This workshop is designed to expand your knowledge and ability with plein air painting, accompanied by studio work that will underscore and re-enforce the field work. I hope that the combination of this and a new landscape will prove a winning combination.

“Evelyn Dunphy offers clear, concise methods of looking at the complexities of nature and choosing the major and minor “chords” that enable her students to express their personal excitement about the landscape. Her analogies to music are especially enlightening: “a staccato of brushwork against the long rest of a graded wash…….”

The complexities of the landscape are sometimes over-whelming. We want to “put it all in”. Learn to select the elements that excite you; arrange them in a beautiful way on your paper, choose the colors that will support your concept and with a solid value study on hand, have the freedom to be as expressive and spontaneous as you can possibly be with your brush and paints. To quote Martha Graham , “the purpose of discipline is to free the spirit”. This is my view of the preparatory work that goes into planning a painting.

I’d love to have you join me in a unique painting experience in the village of Corrales, New Mexico. We’ll stay in two award-winning B&B’s (more on that later). Each morning we’ll be picked up and driven to a sweet view of an adobe church, or the view of the Sandia mountains from a protected portal where we can paint in comfort – or, again to a view of the Bosque (the cottonwood trees that border the Rio Grande) and one or two more places. I’ll be there two weeks early to choose sites that I think will be most inspiring and exciting for you.

Each day will be different. In this small group workshop I am available for all the personal attention that you may want; I’ll paint along with you, do many small “demos” of specific landscape features that you may have questions about, and be completely available to you. We will have a picnic lunch and then in mid-afternoon we will return to our “studio” space where we will have an intensive critique and conversation accompanied by any requested demonstrations of subjects which perhaps proved challenging that morning.

The experience of spending several hours each day painting the landscape and architecture of this beautiful area of New Mexico will bring you to the afternoon’s critique with questions, good work, and excitement about the next day’s work. All will benefit from the experience of the other group members. Building day to day with the “vocabulary” required to have a successful plein air painting will ensure a productive and enjoyable workshop.

My experience tells me that in a five day workshop, Wednesday is a day when everyone is tired and a “day trip” is much appreciated. It revives our energy and gets everyone fired up to begin again. And so I am very excited to tell you that we are going to visit Acoma Pueblo.

Few travelers who have visited Acoma would fail to agree that it is the most wonderful habitation of man in the United States, and better worth a visit than any other, east or west. It is absolutely unique in its location, and well deserves the name of the “City of the Sky,” so often applied to it. The giant rock on whose summit it has its seat, rises perpendicularly nearly four hundred feet from the great plain below, which is itself over seven thousand feet above the sea. The cliff, or mesa, as every elevation with a level top is called in New Mexico, has been well compared to a lofty rocky island of the sea; the only difference being that one is surrounded by water and the other by air. The area of its summit is not far from a hundred acres, but it has a multitude of lesser remarkably rough and irregular contour, indented by deep bays which almost bisect it, and by a chasms; so that its circumference resembles that of the rocky islets on the coast of Maine or of Norway.

The history of Acoma is perhaps the most romantic of any of the Pueblo Indian strongholds. http://southwest.library.arizona.edu/spmc/body.1_div.18.html this will be linked to the Acoma website.

After a picnic lunch we’ll go to Albuquerque to see the 2012 “Masterworks” exhibit of paintings by New Mexico artists. A link to Masterworks here. Then we’ll be driven back to our B&B’s in time to freshen up, have a glass of wine and decide where to have an interesting and delicious dinner (I happen to really like New Mexican cuisine. It’s much lighter than Tex-Mex or California Mexican food, and I’m looking forward to dinner in a new place every night!)

We have selected a group of very good restaurants that feature different varieties of the local cuisine. Each night we can choose where to go, and either go as a group or in any arrangement that is preferred.

After you have registered for the workshop I will send room descriptions for both the Chocolate Turtle B&B and the Sandhill Crane B&B in Corrales. We have reserved all of the rooms in these two award-winning B&B’s. Because this is a small group workshop, there are enough rooms between the two to accommodate everyone. Some rooms are suitable for two painters to share. Others may prefer a private room.

Workshop tuition is to be paid to Evelyn Dunphy Studio, 596 Foster Point Road, West Bath, ME 04530. Each participant will contact the B&Bs and reserve the desired room. The room rate is to paid directly to the B&B owners.