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A 4 day Intensive Workshop in Watercolor

An Introduction to Watercolor

November 6,7,8,9, 2015

At my studio

596 Foster Point Road, West Bath, ME 04530



Tuition: $450.00

Class limited to 8 students

Please send an email to register for the workshop and a deposit of $100.00 to hold your place.

Hello and thank you for considering attending my workshop. My goal for this workshop is to make it “ the one I wish I had had” when I started painting in watercolor.

What makes the difference between a pale, ineffectual watercolor and one with dynamic color?

What makes it a painting that draws the viewer’s attention because of its impact – it could be due to subject matter/ the chosen palette of colors, the strong contrasts/great composition/mystery/a personal interpretation – all or one of these before the question of what medium it is even comes up.

Our four day intensive workshop is going to be devoted to exploring ways of using watercolor. The goal is to give you a working “vocabulary” of tools so that you are able to express your own personal esthetic.

The important thing to keep in mind is that like a musician, you are doing your scales, you are not producing a masterpiece. You are learning and practicing, so concentrate on trying to understand what you are seeing and applying what you see.

As we go through the exercises and demonstrations, I will be talking about the characteristics of each pigment, whether they are transparent, semi-transparent, opaque, staining. I’ve printed out a list of the pigments that are on my materials list and will give it to you along with lots of other material during the workshop. Most manufacturers give this information about each pigment on their website descriptions.

I will also be emphasizing the temperature of the pigments and the mixtures that we make. The color wheel is an invaluable tool for you when you are first learning about this. We will go into this in depth as we go along.

We will also talk about intensity, or the saturation of a pigment as we use it. Each pigment has an inherent value as it comes out of the tube. It’s important to know this in order to make good choices when deciding what to mix in order to get a specific color and value.

Knowing the correct ratio of pigment and water for the subject area is really the key to successful watercolor painting. Mixing enough pigment and water so that you have the color and value that is required, and YOU GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

We will also focus on having you:

a. Acquire a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of each pigment on our palette. Is it transparent, semi-transparent, opaque, staining, sedimentary?

b. Learn what combinations of pigments create the colors that you want for your painting. If your subject requires a soft, neutral mauve you could mix cerulean blue and cadmium red – but if you want a violet that is brilliant, you will reach for high intensity, transparent colors.

c. Using your brush in such a way that you create a beautiful surface. Different concepts call for variation in brush strokes, different brushes, positioning, and sensitivity.

Over-mixing and Under mixing – two common problems when first learning watercolor.

Over mixing:

“a little of this and a little of that, and hope for good luck. Can result in “mud”.

Under mixing:

“caused by not looking at the subject. Automatically painting a blue sky when it may actually contain some pink or violet. Green grass may really be ochre or gray.

Knowing the characteristics of your pigments means that you will have much more success in your paintings than “let’s just try this and see if it works” school of thought.

We will work with many combinations of pigments so that you can observe the results that you get when you choose various pigments and combine them with others. We will also speak in terms of the relative temperature and value of each pigment.

I hope you’ll decide to join me in the fascinating exploration of the world of watercolor! Even if you’ve been painting for some time, it can be valuable to have an in-depth review of the fundamental techniques of the medium.

Please bring your lunch. Coffee and treats will be provided in the morning as well as dessert at lunch. We’ll enjoy our lunch in the dining room and have a break from your hard work each morning!

A supply list will be sent as soon as you register. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you!

Evelyn teaches workshops in Maine, Ireland, Spain, Italy, France and Cuba.

Her work has been exhibited in juried exhibitions throughout the United States, Canada and the UK, including the World Watercolour Competition, Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Art Exhibit, London, UK, 2013 Louisiana Watercolor Society’s International Exhibit, 2013 Richeson Still Life & Floral Competition, 2012 National Watercolor Society, National Arts Club in New York, Audubon Artists Exhibition, Salmagundi Club, New York. 2012 Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Toronto, 2012/2013 Adirondack Exhibition of American Watercolors, Masters of Watercolor, Art Museum of New Bedford, MA, Houston International Exhibition of Watercolors, Watermedia, Challenge of Champions, Northeast Watercolor Society’s National Exhibition, New England Watercolor Society’s North American Exhibition, 2012 Rhode Island Watercolor Society’s Exhibition, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s International Exhibition, among others.